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CMapType Struct Reference

#include <big.h>

Inheritance diagram for CMapType:
CEditorPlugin CManiaApp CNod CSmMapType CTmMapType

Public Types

enum  ValidationStatus { NotValidable, Validable, Validated }
- Public Types inherited from CEditorPlugin
enum  CardinalDirections { North, East, South, West }
enum  PlaceMode {
  Unknown, Terraform, Block, Macroblock,
  Skin, CopyPaste, Test, Plugin,
  CustomSelection, OffZone, BlockProperty, Path,
enum  EditMode {
  Unknown, Place, FreeLook, Erase,
  Pick, SelectionAdd, SelectionRemove
- Public Types inherited from CManiaApp
enum  ELinkType { ExternalBrowser, ManialinkBrowser }

Public Member Functions

Void ClearMapMetadata ()
Void StartTestMapWithMode (Text RulesModeName)
Void RequestEnterPlayground ()
Void RequestLeavePlayground ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from CEditorPlugin
Void ComputeShadows ()
Void Undo ()
Void Redo ()
Void Quit ()
Void Help ()
Void Validate ()
Void AutoSave ()
Void SaveMap (Text FileName, Text Path)
Void RemoveAllBlocks ()
Void RemoveAllTerrain ()
Void RemoveAllOffZone ()
Void RemoveAllObjects ()
Void RemoveAll ()
Void RemoveAllBlocksAndTerrain ()
Void ShowCustomSelection ()
Void HideCustomSelection ()
Void CopyPaste_Copy ()
Void CopyPaste_Cut ()
Void CopyPaste_Remove ()
Void CopyPaste_SelectAll ()
Void CopyPaste_ResetSelection ()
Void OpenToolsMenu ()
Void EditMediatrackIngame ()
Boolean CanPlaceBlock (CBlockModel BlockModel, Int3 Coord, CardinalDirections Dir, Boolean OnGround, Integer VariantIndex)
Boolean PlaceBlock (CBlockModel BlockModel, Int3 Coord, CardinalDirections Dir)
Boolean CanPlaceBlock_NoDestruction (CBlockModel BlockModel, Int3 Coord, CardinalDirections Dir, Boolean OnGround, Integer VariantIndex)
Boolean PlaceBlock_NoDestruction (CBlockModel BlockModel, Int3 Coord, CardinalDirections Dir)
Boolean CanPlaceRoadBlocks (CBlockModel BlockModel, Int3 StartCoord, Int3 EndCoord)
Boolean PlaceRoadBlocks (CBlockModel BlockModel, Int3 StartCoord, Int3 EndCoord)
Boolean CanPlaceTerrainBlocks (CBlockModel BlockModel, Int3 StartCoord, Int3 EndCoord)
Boolean PlaceTerrainBlocks (CBlockModel BlockModel, Int3 StartCoord, Int3 EndCoord)
Boolean PlaceTerrainBlocks_NoDestruction (CBlockModel BlockModel, Int3 StartCoord, Int3 EndCoord)
Boolean CanPlaceMacroblock (CMacroblockModel BlockModel, Int3 Coord, CardinalDirections Dir)
Boolean PlaceMacroblock (CMacroblockModel BlockModel, Int3 Coord, CardinalDirections Dir)
Boolean CanPlaceMacroblock_NoDestruction (CMacroblockModel BlockModel, Int3 Coord, CardinalDirections Dir)
Boolean PlaceMacroblock_NoDestruction (CMacroblockModel BlockModel, Int3 Coord, CardinalDirections Dir)
CBlock GetBlock (Int3 Coord)
Boolean RemoveBlock (Int3 Coord)
Boolean RemoveTerrainBlocks (Int3 StartCoord, Int3 EndCoord)
Integer GetBlockGroundHeight (CBlockModel BlockModel, Integer CoordX, Integer CoordZ, CardinalDirections Dir)
CBlock GetStartLineBlock ()
Void CopyPaste_AddOrSubSelection (Int3 StartCoord, Int3 EndCoord)
Boolean CopyPaste_Symmetrize ()
Void SaveMacroblock (CMacroblockModel MacroblockModel)
Integer GetInterfaceNumber (CCollector Collector)
Void SetInterfaceNumber (CCollector Collector, Integer NewValue)
CMacroblockModel GetMacroblockModelFromName (Text MacroblockModelName)
CBlockModel GetTerrainBlockModelFromName (Text TerrainBlockModelName)
CBlockModel GetBlockModelFromName (Text BlockModelName)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CManiaApp
CUILayer UILayerCreate ()
Void UILayerDestroy (CUILayer Layer)
Void UILayerDestroyAll ()
Void LayerCustomEvent (CUILayer Layer, Text Type, Text[] Data)
Void OpenLink (Text Url, ELinkType LinkType)

Public Attributes

Boolean CustomEditAnchorData
ValidationStatus ValidationStatus
Text ValidabilityRequirementsMessage
const Boolean ValidationEndRequested
const Boolean IsSwitchedToPlayground
- Public Attributes inherited from CEditorPlugin
const CEditorPluginEvent[] PendingEvents
const CMap Map
PlaceMode PlaceMode
EditMode EditMode
Boolean UndergroundMode
Boolean BlockStockMode
Int3 CursorCoord
CardinalDirections CursorDir
CBlockModel CursorBlockModel
CBlockModel CursorTerrainBlockModel
CMacroblockModel CursorMacroblockModel
Real CameraVAngle
Real CameraHAngle
Real CameraToTargetDistance
Vec3 TargetedPosition
Boolean EnableAirMapping
Boolean EnableMixMapping
const CItemAnchor[] Items
const Text[] MediatrackIngameClips
const Text[] MediatrackIngameIsScriptClips
Integer MediatrackIngameEditedClipIndex
const CBlock[] Blocks
const CBlockModel[] BlockModels
const CBlockModel[] TerrainBlockModels
const CMacroblockModel[] MacroblockModels
const CAnchorData[] AnchorData
Int3[] CustomSelectionCoords
Vec3 CustomSelectionRGB
Boolean EnableEditorInputsCustomProcessing
const Boolean EditorInputIsDown_Menu
const Boolean EditorInputIsDown_SwitchToRace
const Boolean EditorInputIsDown_CursorUp
const Boolean EditorInputIsDown_CursorRight
const Boolean EditorInputIsDown_CursorDown
const Boolean EditorInputIsDown_CursorLeft
const Boolean EditorInputIsDown_CursorRaise
const Boolean EditorInputIsDown_CursorLower
const Boolean EditorInputIsDown_CursorTurn
const Boolean EditorInputIsDown_CursorPick
const Boolean EditorInputIsDown_CursorPlace
const Boolean EditorInputIsDown_CursorDelete
const Boolean EditorInputIsDown_CameraUp
const Boolean EditorInputIsDown_CameraRight
const Boolean EditorInputIsDown_CameraDown
const Boolean EditorInputIsDown_CameraLeft
const Boolean EditorInputIsDown_IconUp
const Boolean EditorInputIsDown_IconRight
const Boolean EditorInputIsDown_IconDown
const Boolean EditorInputIsDown_IconLeft
const Real CollectionSquareSize
const Real CollectionSquareHeight
const Integer CollectionGroundY
Text ManialinkText
const CMlPage ManialinkPage
- Public Attributes inherited from CManiaApp
const Integer Now
const Boolean IsVisible
const CUser LocalUser
const CTitle LoadedTitle
Boolean EnableMenuNavigationInputs
const Real MouseX
const Real MouseY
const CUILayer[] UILayers
const CXmlManager Xml
const CHttpManager Http
const CAudioManager Audio
- Public Attributes inherited from CNod
const Ident Id

Detailed Description

Supported declare modes : Local Persistent

Member Enumeration Documentation


Member Function Documentation

Void CMapType::ClearMapMetadata ( )
Void CMapType::RequestEnterPlayground ( )
Void CMapType::RequestLeavePlayground ( )
Void CMapType::StartTestMapWithMode ( Text  RulesModeName)

Member Data Documentation

Boolean CMapType::CustomEditAnchorData
const Boolean CMapType::IsSwitchedToPlayground
Text CMapType::ValidabilityRequirementsMessage
const Boolean CMapType::ValidationEndRequested

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