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CMlQuad Struct Reference

#include <big.h>

Inheritance diagram for CMlQuad:
CMlControl CNod

Public Types

enum  EKeepRatioMode { Inactive, Clip, Fit }
- Public Types inherited from CMlControl
enum  AlignHorizontal { Left, HCenter, Right, None }
enum  AlignVertical {
  Top, VCenter, Bottom, None,

Public Member Functions

Void ChangeImageUrl (Text fieldName)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CMlControl
Boolean HasClass (Text Class)
Boolean DataAttributeExists (Text DataName)
Text DataAttributeGet (Text DataName)
Void DataAttributeSet (Text DataName, Text DataValue)
Void Show ()
Void Hide ()
Void Unload ()
Void Focus ()

Public Attributes

Text ImageUrl
Text ImageUrlFocus
Text Style
Text Substyle
Boolean StyleSelected
const Boolean DownloadInProgress
Vec3 Colorize
Vec3 ModulateColor
Vec3 BgColor
Vec3 BgColorFocus
Real Opacity
EKeepRatioMode KeepRatio
- Public Attributes inherited from CMlControl
const Text ControlId
const Text[] ControlClasses
Vec2 Size
AlignHorizontal HorizontalAlign
AlignVertical VerticalAlign
Boolean Visible
Vec3 RelativePosition
Real RelativeScale
Real RelativeRotation
const Vec3 AbsolutePosition
const Real AbsoluteScale
const Real AbsoluteRotation
- Public Attributes inherited from CNod
const Ident Id

Detailed Description

Supported declare modes : Local Manialink control.

Member Enumeration Documentation


Member Function Documentation

Void CMlQuad::ChangeImageUrl ( Text  fieldName)

Member Data Documentation

Vec3 CMlQuad::BgColor
Vec3 CMlQuad::BgColorFocus
Vec3 CMlQuad::Colorize
const Boolean CMlQuad::DownloadInProgress
Text CMlQuad::ImageUrl
Text CMlQuad::ImageUrlFocus
EKeepRatioMode CMlQuad::KeepRatio
Vec3 CMlQuad::ModulateColor
Real CMlQuad::Opacity
Text CMlQuad::Style
Boolean CMlQuad::StyleSelected
Text CMlQuad::Substyle

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