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CMode Struct Reference

#include <big.h>

Inheritance diagram for CMode:
CNod CSmMode CTmMode

Public Types

enum  EMedal {
  None, Finished, Bronze, Silver,
  Gold, Author

Public Member Functions

Void TweakTeamColorsToAvoidHueOverlap ()
Void RequestLoadMap ()
Void RequestUnloadMap ()
Void Ladder_OpenMatch_Request ()
Void Ladder_AddPlayer (CScore PlayerScore)
Void Ladder_OpenMatch_BeginRequest ()
Void Ladder_OpenMatch_AddPlayer (CScore PlayerScore)
Void Ladder_OpenMatch_EndRequest ()
Void Ladder_CloseMatchRequest ()
Void Ladder_CancelMatchRequest ()
Void Ladder_SetResultsVersion (Integer Version)
Void Ladder_SetMatchMakingMatchId (Integer MatchId)
Void Ladder_EnableChallengeMode (Boolean Enable)
Boolean Admin_KickUser (CUser User, Text Reason)
Void Admin_SetLobbyInfo (Boolean IsLobby, Integer LobbyPlayerCount, Integer LobbyMaxPlayerCount, Real LobbyPlayersLevel)
Void AutoTeamBalance ()
Void Solo_SetNewRecord (CScore PlayerScore, EMedal PlayerScore)
Integer Synchro_AddBarrier ()
Boolean Synchro_BarrierReached (Integer Barrier)
Boolean Users_AreAllies (CUser User1, CUser User2)
Void Users_RequestSwitchToSpectator (CUser User)
CUser Users_CreateFake (Text NickName, Integer RequestedTeam)
Void Users_DestroyFake (CUser User)
Void Users_SetNbFakeUsers (Integer NbTeam1, Integer NbTeam2)
Void Users_DestroyAllFakes ()
Void ItemList_Begin ()
Ident ItemList_Add (Text ModelName)
Ident ItemList_AddWithSkin (Text ModelName, Text SkinName)
Void ItemList_End ()
Void DemoToken_StartUsingToken ()
Void DemoToken_StopUsingToken ()
Void DemoToken_GetAndUseToken (CUser User)
Void ActionList_Begin ()
Ident ActionList_Add (Text ActionName)
Void ActionList_End ()
Void Replay_Start ()
Void Replay_Stop ()

Public Attributes

Text ModeStatusMessage
const CTitle LoadedTitle
const Text ServerLogin
const Text ServerName
const Text ServerModeName
const Text MapName
const CMap Map
const Text MapPlayerModelName
const CUser[] Users
const CTeam[] Teams
Text NeutralEmblemUrl
const Text ForcedClubLinkUrl1
const Text ForcedClubLinkUrl2
const Integer Now
const Integer Period
Boolean MatchEndRequested
const Boolean ServerShutdownRequested
const Boolean MapLoaded
const CMapInfo[] MapList
Integer NextMapIndex
const CUIConfigMgr UIManager
const Boolean Ladder_RequestInProgress
const Boolean Solo_NewRecordSequenceInProgress
const CXmlRpc XmlRpc
const CXmlManager Xml
const CHttpManager Http
Boolean UseMinimap
Boolean Replay_AutoStart
- Public Attributes inherited from CNod
const Ident Id

Detailed Description

Supported declare modes : Local Persistent

Member Enumeration Documentation


Member Function Documentation

Ident CMode::ActionList_Add ( Text  ActionName)
Void CMode::ActionList_Begin ( )
Void CMode::ActionList_End ( )
Boolean CMode::Admin_KickUser ( CUser  User,
Text  Reason 
Void CMode::Admin_SetLobbyInfo ( Boolean  IsLobby,
Integer  LobbyPlayerCount,
Integer  LobbyMaxPlayerCount,
Real  LobbyPlayersLevel 
Void CMode::AutoTeamBalance ( )
Void CMode::DemoToken_GetAndUseToken ( CUser  User)
Void CMode::DemoToken_StartUsingToken ( )
Void CMode::DemoToken_StopUsingToken ( )
Ident CMode::ItemList_Add ( Text  ModelName)
Ident CMode::ItemList_AddWithSkin ( Text  ModelName,
Text  SkinName 
Void CMode::ItemList_Begin ( )
Void CMode::ItemList_End ( )
Void CMode::Ladder_AddPlayer ( CScore  PlayerScore)
Void CMode::Ladder_CancelMatchRequest ( )
Void CMode::Ladder_CloseMatchRequest ( )
Void CMode::Ladder_EnableChallengeMode ( Boolean  Enable)
Void CMode::Ladder_OpenMatch_AddPlayer ( CScore  PlayerScore)
Void CMode::Ladder_OpenMatch_BeginRequest ( )
Void CMode::Ladder_OpenMatch_EndRequest ( )
Void CMode::Ladder_OpenMatch_Request ( )
Void CMode::Ladder_SetMatchMakingMatchId ( Integer  MatchId)
Void CMode::Ladder_SetResultsVersion ( Integer  Version)
Void CMode::Replay_Start ( )
Void CMode::Replay_Stop ( )
Void CMode::RequestLoadMap ( )
Void CMode::RequestUnloadMap ( )
Void CMode::Solo_SetNewRecord ( CScore  PlayerScore,
EMedal  PlayerScore 
Integer CMode::Synchro_AddBarrier ( )
Boolean CMode::Synchro_BarrierReached ( Integer  Barrier)
Void CMode::TweakTeamColorsToAvoidHueOverlap ( )
Boolean CMode::Users_AreAllies ( CUser  User1,
CUser  User2 
CUser CMode::Users_CreateFake ( Text  NickName,
Integer  RequestedTeam 
Void CMode::Users_DestroyAllFakes ( )
Void CMode::Users_DestroyFake ( CUser  User)
Void CMode::Users_RequestSwitchToSpectator ( CUser  User)
Void CMode::Users_SetNbFakeUsers ( Integer  NbTeam1,
Integer  NbTeam2 

Member Data Documentation

const Text CMode::ForcedClubLinkUrl1
const Text CMode::ForcedClubLinkUrl2
const CHttpManager CMode::Http
const Boolean CMode::Ladder_RequestInProgress
const CTitle CMode::LoadedTitle
const CMap CMode::Map
const CMapInfo [] CMode::MapList
const Boolean CMode::MapLoaded
const Text CMode::MapName
const Text CMode::MapPlayerModelName
Boolean CMode::MatchEndRequested
Text CMode::ModeStatusMessage
Text CMode::NeutralEmblemUrl
Integer CMode::NextMapIndex
const Integer CMode::Now
const Integer CMode::Period
Boolean CMode::Replay_AutoStart
const Text CMode::ServerLogin
const Text CMode::ServerModeName
const Text CMode::ServerName
const Boolean CMode::ServerShutdownRequested
const Boolean CMode::Solo_NewRecordSequenceInProgress
const CTeam [] CMode::Teams
const CUIConfigMgr CMode::UIManager
Boolean CMode::UseMinimap
const CUser [] CMode::Users
const CXmlManager CMode::Xml
const CXmlRpc CMode::XmlRpc

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