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CNod Struct Reference

#include <big.h>

Inheritance diagram for CNod:
CAnchorData CAudioManager CAudioSound CBlock CBlockModelVariant CBlockUnit CBlockUnitModel CCollector CHttpManager CHttpRequest CItemAnchor CManiaApp CManiaAppEvent CMap CMapInfo CMlControl CMlEvent CMlGraphCurve CMlPage CMlScript CMode CPlayer CScore CSmAction CSmActionEvent CSmBase CSmGauge CSmLandmark CSmMapBase CSmMapBotPath CSmMapGate CSmMapGauge CSmMapLandmark CSmMapObjectAnchor CSmMapPlayerSpawn CSmMapSector CSmModeEvent CSmObject CSmPlayerDriver CSmSector CStation CTeam CTitle CTmModeEvent CTmResult CUIConfig CUIConfigMgr CUILayer CUser CXmlDocument CXmlManager CXmlNode CXmlRpc CXmlRpcEvent

Public Attributes

const Ident Id

Member Data Documentation

const Ident CNod::Id

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