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CSmMlScriptIngame Struct Reference

#include <big.h>

Inheritance diagram for CSmMlScriptIngame:
CMlScriptIngame CMlScript CNod

Public Attributes

const Integer ArenaNow
const CSmPlayer InputPlayer
const CSmPlayer GUIPlayer
const CSmPlayer[] Players
const CSmScore[] Scores
const Integer[] ClanScores
Boolean HideResumePlayingButton
const CSmMapBase[] MapBases
const CSmMapLandmark[] MapLandmarks
const CSmMapLandmark[] MapLandmarks_PlayerSpawn
const CSmMapLandmark[] MapLandmarks_Gauge
const CSmMapLandmark[] MapLandmarks_BotPath
const CSmMapLandmark[] MapLandmarks_ObjectAnchor
const CSmMapLandmark[] MapLandmarks_Gate
- Public Attributes inherited from CMlScriptIngame
const Integer GameTime
CUIConfig UI
CUIConfig ClientUI
Boolean IsSpectatorMode
const Boolean UseClans
const Boolean UseForcedClans
const CMap Map
const CTeam[] Teams
const Text CurrentServerLogin
const Text CurrentServerName
const Text CurrentServerJoinLink
const Text CurrentServerModeName
- Public Attributes inherited from CMlScript
const CMlPage Page
const Boolean PageIsVisible
const Integer Now
const Integer Period
const Integer CurrentTime
const Text CurrentTimeText
const Text CurrentLocalDateText
const CUser LocalUser
const CTitle LoadedTitle
const CMlEvent[] PendingEvents
const Real MouseX
const Real MouseY
const Boolean MouseLeftButton
const Boolean MouseRightButton
const Boolean MouseMiddleButton
const Boolean KeyUp
const Boolean KeyDown
const Boolean KeyLeft
const Boolean KeyRight
const Boolean KeyReturn
const Boolean KeySpace
const Boolean KeyDelete
Boolean EnableMenuNavigationInputs
const Boolean IsMenuNavigationForeground
const CXmlManager Xml
const CHttpManager Http
const CAudioManager Audio
- Public Attributes inherited from CNod
const Ident Id

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from CMlScriptIngame
enum  EUISound {
  Default, Silence, StartMatch, EndMatch,
  StartRound, EndRound, PhaseChange, TieBreakPoint,
  TiePoint, VictoryPoint, Capture, TimeOut,
  Notice, Warning, PlayerEliminated, PlayerHit,
  Checkpoint, Finish, Record, ScoreProgress,
  RankChange, Bonus, FirstHit, Combo,
  PlayersRemaining, Custom1, Custom2, Custom3,
enum  EInGameMenuResult {
  Resume, Quit, NormalMenu, AdvancedMenu,
- Public Member Functions inherited from CMlScriptIngame
Void ShowCurChallengeCard ()
Void ShowModeHelp ()
Void CopyServerLinkToClipBoard ()
Void JoinTeam1 ()
Void JoinTeam2 ()
Void SetSpectateTarget (Text Player)
Void ShowProfile (Text Player)
Void ShowInGameMenu ()
Void PlayUiSound (EUISound Sound, Integer SoundVariant, Real Volume)
Void CloseInGameMenu (EInGameMenuResult Result)

Detailed Description

Supported declare modes : Local Persistent Ingame Manialink API for ShootMania.

Member Data Documentation

const Integer CSmMlScriptIngame::ArenaNow
const Integer [] CSmMlScriptIngame::ClanScores
const CSmPlayer CSmMlScriptIngame::GUIPlayer
Boolean CSmMlScriptIngame::HideResumePlayingButton
const CSmPlayer CSmMlScriptIngame::InputPlayer
const CSmMapBase [] CSmMlScriptIngame::MapBases
const CSmMapLandmark [] CSmMlScriptIngame::MapLandmarks
const CSmMapLandmark [] CSmMlScriptIngame::MapLandmarks_BotPath
const CSmMapLandmark [] CSmMlScriptIngame::MapLandmarks_Gate
const CSmMapLandmark [] CSmMlScriptIngame::MapLandmarks_Gauge
const CSmMapLandmark [] CSmMlScriptIngame::MapLandmarks_ObjectAnchor
const CSmMapLandmark [] CSmMlScriptIngame::MapLandmarks_PlayerSpawn
const CSmPlayer [] CSmMlScriptIngame::Players
const CSmScore [] CSmMlScriptIngame::Scores

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