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CSmMode Struct Reference

#include <big.h>

Inheritance diagram for CSmMode:
CMode CNod

Public Types

enum  EWeapon { Laser, Rocket, Nucleus, Arrow }
enum  EActionSlot {
  Slot_A, Slot_B, Slot_C, Slot_D,
  Slot_E, Slot_F, Slot_G, Slot_H
enum  EActionInput {
  Weapon, Movement, Activable1, Activable2,
  Activable3, Activable4, Consumable1, Consumable2,
enum  EGameplay { Default, Mp3Beta0 }
- Public Types inherited from CMode
enum  EMedal {
  None, Finished, Bronze, Silver,
  Gold, Author

Public Member Functions

Void PassOn (CSmModeEvent Event)
Void Discard (CSmModeEvent Event)
Void SpawnPlayer (CSmPlayer Player, Integer ClanNum, Integer Armor, CSmMapPlayerSpawn PlayerSpawn, Integer ActivationDate)
Void SpawnBotPlayer (CSmPlayer Player, Integer ClanNum, Integer Armor, CSmMapPlayerSpawn PlayerSpawn, Integer ActivationDate)
Void SpawnBotPlayer (CSmPlayer Player, Integer ClanNum, Integer Armor, CSmMapBotPath BotPath, Integer ActivationDate)
Void UnspawnPlayer (CSmPlayer Player)
Void ClearScores ()
Void SetPlayerClan (CSmPlayer Player, Integer ClanNum)
Void SetPlayerWeapon (CSmPlayer Player, EWeapon DefaultWeapon, Boolean AutoSwitchWeapon)
Void SetPlayerReloadAllWeapons (CSmPlayer Player, Boolean ReloadAllWeapons)
Void SetPlayerAmmo (CSmPlayer Player, EWeapon Weapon, Integer Count)
Integer GetPlayerAmmo (CSmPlayer Player, EWeapon Weapon)
Void AddPlayerAmmo (CSmPlayer Player, EWeapon Weapon, Real DeltaCount)
Void SetPlayerAmmoMax (CSmPlayer Player, EWeapon Weapon, Integer Count)
Integer GetPlayerAmmoMax (CSmPlayer Player, EWeapon Weapon)
Void AddPlayerArmor (CSmPlayer Victim, Integer DeltaArmor, CSmPlayer Shooter, Integer ShooterPoints)
Void RemovePlayerArmor (CSmPlayer Victim, Integer DeltaArmor, CSmPlayer Shooter, Integer ShooterPoints)
Integer GetWeaponNum (EWeapon Weapon)
Boolean CanRespawnPlayer (CSmPlayer Player)
Void RespawnPlayer (CSmPlayer Player)
Void RespawnPlayer (CSmPlayer Player, CSmMapLandmark CheckpointLandmark)
CSmPlayer CreateBotPlayer (Ident ModelId, Integer TeamNum)
Void DestroyBotPlayer (CSmPlayer BotPlayer)
Void DestroyAllBotPlayers ()
Void ScriptedBot_Move (CSmPlayer BotPlayer, Vec3 Goal)
Void ScriptedBot_MoveDelta (CSmPlayer BotPlayer, Vec3 Delta)
Void ScriptedBot_MoveAndAim (CSmPlayer BotPlayer, Vec3 Goal)
Void ScriptedBot_MoveDeltaAndAim (CSmPlayer BotPlayer, Vec3 Delta)
Void ScriptedBot_Aim (CSmPlayer BotPlayer, Vec3 Goal)
Void ScriptedBot_AimDelta (CSmPlayer BotPlayer, Real DeltaYaw, Real DeltaPitch)
Void ScriptedBot_RequestAction (CSmPlayer BotPlayer)
Void ScriptedBot_RequestGunTrigger (CSmPlayer BotPlayer)
Void ActionLoad (CSmPlayer Player, EActionSlot ActionSlot, Ident ModelId)
Void ActionBind (CSmPlayer Player, EActionSlot ActionSlot, EActionInput ActionInput)
Void ActionSetVariant (CSmPlayer Player, EActionSlot ActionSlot, Integer ActionVariant)
Void SetNbFakePlayers (Integer NbClan1, Integer NbClan2)
CSmObject ObjectCreate (Ident ModelId)
Void ObjectDestroy (CSmObject Object)
Void ObjectDestroyAll ()
Void Replay_SaveAttackScore (CSmPlayer Player, Integer Score)
Void Replay_SaveDefenseScore (CSmPlayer Player, Integer Score)
Void Replay_SaveTeamScore (Integer Team, Integer Score)
Void Replay_SavePlayerOfInterest (CSmPlayer Player)
Void Replay_SaveWinner (CSmPlayer Player)
Void Replay_SaveInterface ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from CMode
Void TweakTeamColorsToAvoidHueOverlap ()
Void RequestLoadMap ()
Void RequestUnloadMap ()
Void Ladder_OpenMatch_Request ()
Void Ladder_AddPlayer (CScore PlayerScore)
Void Ladder_OpenMatch_BeginRequest ()
Void Ladder_OpenMatch_AddPlayer (CScore PlayerScore)
Void Ladder_OpenMatch_EndRequest ()
Void Ladder_CloseMatchRequest ()
Void Ladder_CancelMatchRequest ()
Void Ladder_SetResultsVersion (Integer Version)
Void Ladder_SetMatchMakingMatchId (Integer MatchId)
Void Ladder_EnableChallengeMode (Boolean Enable)
Boolean Admin_KickUser (CUser User, Text Reason)
Void Admin_SetLobbyInfo (Boolean IsLobby, Integer LobbyPlayerCount, Integer LobbyMaxPlayerCount, Real LobbyPlayersLevel)
Void AutoTeamBalance ()
Void Solo_SetNewRecord (CScore PlayerScore, EMedal PlayerScore)
Integer Synchro_AddBarrier ()
Boolean Synchro_BarrierReached (Integer Barrier)
Boolean Users_AreAllies (CUser User1, CUser User2)
Void Users_RequestSwitchToSpectator (CUser User)
CUser Users_CreateFake (Text NickName, Integer RequestedTeam)
Void Users_DestroyFake (CUser User)
Void Users_SetNbFakeUsers (Integer NbTeam1, Integer NbTeam2)
Void Users_DestroyAllFakes ()
Void ItemList_Begin ()
Ident ItemList_Add (Text ModelName)
Ident ItemList_AddWithSkin (Text ModelName, Text SkinName)
Void ItemList_End ()
Void DemoToken_StartUsingToken ()
Void DemoToken_StopUsingToken ()
Void DemoToken_GetAndUseToken (CUser User)
Void ActionList_Begin ()
Ident ActionList_Add (Text ActionName)
Void ActionList_End ()
Void Replay_Start ()
Void Replay_Stop ()

Public Attributes

Integer StartTime
Integer EndTime
Integer SpawnInvulnerabilityDuration
Boolean UseClans
Boolean UseForcedClans
Boolean UsePvPCollisions
Boolean UsePvPWeapons
Boolean UseInterractiveScreensIn3d
Boolean UseLaserVsBullets
Boolean UseLaserSkewering
Boolean UsePlayerTagging
Boolean UseBeaconsWithRecipients
Boolean UseAmmoBonusOnHit
Boolean UseSameWallJump
Boolean UseDefaultActionEvents
Boolean UseAllies
Boolean UseAutoSpawnBots
Boolean ForceNavMapsComputation
Integer GameplayVersion
EGameplay Gameplay
Boolean UseProtectClanmates
Real OffZoneRadius
Real OffZoneRadiusSpeed
Ident OffZoneCenterLandmarkId
const Integer PlayersNbTotal
const Integer PlayersNbAlive
const Integer PlayersNbDead
const Integer ClansNbTotal
const Integer ClansNbAlive
const Integer ClansNbDead
const Integer[] ClansNbPlayers
const Integer[] ClansNbPlayersAlive
const CSmPlayer[] Players
const CSmPlayer[] BotPlayers
const CSmPlayer[] Spectators
const CSmPlayer[] AllPlayers
const CSmModeEvent[] PendingEvents
const CSmMapBase[] MapBases
const CSmMapLandmark[] MapLandmarks
const CSmMapLandmark[] MapLandmarks_PlayerSpawn
const CSmMapLandmark[] MapLandmarks_Gauge
const CSmMapLandmark[] MapLandmarks_BotPath
const CSmMapLandmark[] MapLandmarks_ObjectAnchor
const CSmMapLandmark[] MapLandmarks_Gate
const CSmScore[] Scores
Integer[] ClanScores
const CSmObject[] Objects
- Public Attributes inherited from CMode
Text ModeStatusMessage
const CTitle LoadedTitle
const Text ServerLogin
const Text ServerName
const Text ServerModeName
const Text MapName
const CMap Map
const Text MapPlayerModelName
const CUser[] Users
const CTeam[] Teams
Text NeutralEmblemUrl
const Text ForcedClubLinkUrl1
const Text ForcedClubLinkUrl2
const Integer Now
const Integer Period
Boolean MatchEndRequested
const Boolean ServerShutdownRequested
const Boolean MapLoaded
const CMapInfo[] MapList
Integer NextMapIndex
const CUIConfigMgr UIManager
const Boolean Ladder_RequestInProgress
const Boolean Solo_NewRecordSequenceInProgress
const CXmlRpc XmlRpc
const CXmlManager Xml
const CHttpManager Http
Boolean UseMinimap
Boolean Replay_AutoStart
- Public Attributes inherited from CNod
const Ident Id

Detailed Description

Supported declare modes : Local Persistent Rules API for ShootMania gamemodes.

Member Enumeration Documentation


Member Function Documentation

Void CSmMode::ActionBind ( CSmPlayer  Player,
EActionSlot  ActionSlot,
EActionInput  ActionInput 
Void CSmMode::ActionLoad ( CSmPlayer  Player,
EActionSlot  ActionSlot,
Ident  ModelId 
Void CSmMode::ActionSetVariant ( CSmPlayer  Player,
EActionSlot  ActionSlot,
Integer  ActionVariant 
Void CSmMode::AddPlayerAmmo ( CSmPlayer  Player,
EWeapon  Weapon,
Real  DeltaCount 
Void CSmMode::AddPlayerArmor ( CSmPlayer  Victim,
Integer  DeltaArmor,
CSmPlayer  Shooter,
Integer  ShooterPoints 
Boolean CSmMode::CanRespawnPlayer ( CSmPlayer  Player)
Void CSmMode::ClearScores ( )
CSmPlayer CSmMode::CreateBotPlayer ( Ident  ModelId,
Integer  TeamNum 
Void CSmMode::DestroyAllBotPlayers ( )
Void CSmMode::DestroyBotPlayer ( CSmPlayer  BotPlayer)
Void CSmMode::Discard ( CSmModeEvent  Event)
Integer CSmMode::GetPlayerAmmo ( CSmPlayer  Player,
EWeapon  Weapon 
Integer CSmMode::GetPlayerAmmoMax ( CSmPlayer  Player,
EWeapon  Weapon 
Integer CSmMode::GetWeaponNum ( EWeapon  Weapon)
CSmObject CSmMode::ObjectCreate ( Ident  ModelId)
Void CSmMode::ObjectDestroy ( CSmObject  Object)
Void CSmMode::ObjectDestroyAll ( )
Void CSmMode::PassOn ( CSmModeEvent  Event)
Void CSmMode::RemovePlayerArmor ( CSmPlayer  Victim,
Integer  DeltaArmor,
CSmPlayer  Shooter,
Integer  ShooterPoints 
Void CSmMode::Replay_SaveAttackScore ( CSmPlayer  Player,
Integer  Score 
Void CSmMode::Replay_SaveDefenseScore ( CSmPlayer  Player,
Integer  Score 
Void CSmMode::Replay_SaveInterface ( )
Void CSmMode::Replay_SavePlayerOfInterest ( CSmPlayer  Player)
Void CSmMode::Replay_SaveTeamScore ( Integer  Team,
Integer  Score 
Void CSmMode::Replay_SaveWinner ( CSmPlayer  Player)
Void CSmMode::RespawnPlayer ( CSmPlayer  Player)
Void CSmMode::RespawnPlayer ( CSmPlayer  Player,
CSmMapLandmark  CheckpointLandmark 
Void CSmMode::ScriptedBot_Aim ( CSmPlayer  BotPlayer,
Vec3  Goal 
Void CSmMode::ScriptedBot_AimDelta ( CSmPlayer  BotPlayer,
Real  DeltaYaw,
Real  DeltaPitch 
Void CSmMode::ScriptedBot_Move ( CSmPlayer  BotPlayer,
Vec3  Goal 
Void CSmMode::ScriptedBot_MoveAndAim ( CSmPlayer  BotPlayer,
Vec3  Goal 
Void CSmMode::ScriptedBot_MoveDelta ( CSmPlayer  BotPlayer,
Vec3  Delta 
Void CSmMode::ScriptedBot_MoveDeltaAndAim ( CSmPlayer  BotPlayer,
Vec3  Delta 
Void CSmMode::ScriptedBot_RequestAction ( CSmPlayer  BotPlayer)
Void CSmMode::ScriptedBot_RequestGunTrigger ( CSmPlayer  BotPlayer)
Void CSmMode::SetNbFakePlayers ( Integer  NbClan1,
Integer  NbClan2 
Void CSmMode::SetPlayerAmmo ( CSmPlayer  Player,
EWeapon  Weapon,
Integer  Count 
Void CSmMode::SetPlayerAmmoMax ( CSmPlayer  Player,
EWeapon  Weapon,
Integer  Count 
Void CSmMode::SetPlayerClan ( CSmPlayer  Player,
Integer  ClanNum 
Void CSmMode::SetPlayerReloadAllWeapons ( CSmPlayer  Player,
Boolean  ReloadAllWeapons 
Void CSmMode::SetPlayerWeapon ( CSmPlayer  Player,
EWeapon  DefaultWeapon,
Boolean  AutoSwitchWeapon 
Void CSmMode::SpawnBotPlayer ( CSmPlayer  Player,
Integer  ClanNum,
Integer  Armor,
CSmMapPlayerSpawn  PlayerSpawn,
Integer  ActivationDate 
Void CSmMode::SpawnBotPlayer ( CSmPlayer  Player,
Integer  ClanNum,
Integer  Armor,
CSmMapBotPath  BotPath,
Integer  ActivationDate 
Void CSmMode::SpawnPlayer ( CSmPlayer  Player,
Integer  ClanNum,
Integer  Armor,
CSmMapPlayerSpawn  PlayerSpawn,
Integer  ActivationDate 
Void CSmMode::UnspawnPlayer ( CSmPlayer  Player)

Member Data Documentation

const CSmPlayer [] CSmMode::AllPlayers
const CSmPlayer [] CSmMode::BotPlayers
Integer [] CSmMode::ClanScores
const Integer CSmMode::ClansNbAlive
const Integer CSmMode::ClansNbDead
const Integer [] CSmMode::ClansNbPlayers
const Integer [] CSmMode::ClansNbPlayersAlive
const Integer CSmMode::ClansNbTotal
Integer CSmMode::EndTime
Boolean CSmMode::ForceNavMapsComputation
EGameplay CSmMode::Gameplay
Integer CSmMode::GameplayVersion
const CSmMapBase [] CSmMode::MapBases
const CSmMapLandmark [] CSmMode::MapLandmarks
const CSmMapLandmark [] CSmMode::MapLandmarks_BotPath
const CSmMapLandmark [] CSmMode::MapLandmarks_Gate
const CSmMapLandmark [] CSmMode::MapLandmarks_Gauge
const CSmMapLandmark [] CSmMode::MapLandmarks_ObjectAnchor
const CSmMapLandmark [] CSmMode::MapLandmarks_PlayerSpawn
const CSmObject [] CSmMode::Objects
Ident CSmMode::OffZoneCenterLandmarkId
Real CSmMode::OffZoneRadius
Real CSmMode::OffZoneRadiusSpeed
const CSmModeEvent [] CSmMode::PendingEvents
const CSmPlayer [] CSmMode::Players
const Integer CSmMode::PlayersNbAlive
const Integer CSmMode::PlayersNbDead
const Integer CSmMode::PlayersNbTotal
const CSmScore [] CSmMode::Scores
Integer CSmMode::SpawnInvulnerabilityDuration
const CSmPlayer [] CSmMode::Spectators
Integer CSmMode::StartTime
Boolean CSmMode::UseAllies
Boolean CSmMode::UseAmmoBonusOnHit
Boolean CSmMode::UseAutoSpawnBots
Boolean CSmMode::UseBeaconsWithRecipients
Boolean CSmMode::UseClans
Boolean CSmMode::UseDefaultActionEvents
Boolean CSmMode::UseForcedClans
Boolean CSmMode::UseInterractiveScreensIn3d
Boolean CSmMode::UseLaserSkewering
Boolean CSmMode::UseLaserVsBullets
Boolean CSmMode::UsePlayerTagging
Boolean CSmMode::UseProtectClanmates
Boolean CSmMode::UsePvPCollisions
Boolean CSmMode::UsePvPWeapons
Boolean CSmMode::UseSameWallJump

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