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CSmPlayer Struct Reference

#include <big.h>

Inheritance diagram for CSmPlayer:
CPlayer CNod

Public Types

enum  ESpawnStatus { NotSpawned, Spawning, Spawned }

Public Attributes

const CSmScore Score
const ESpawnStatus SpawnStatus
const Integer StartTime
Integer EndTime
Real AmmoGain
Real AmmoPower
const Boolean AutoSwitchWeapon
const Integer CurWeapon
const Integer CurAmmo
const Integer CurAmmoMax
const Integer CurAmmoUnit
Integer Armor
Integer ArmorMax
Integer ArmorGain
Integer ArmorReplenishGain
Real ArmorPower
Integer Stamina
Real StaminaMax
Real StaminaGain
Real StaminaPower
Real SpeedPower
Real JumpPower
Boolean AllowWallJump
Boolean AllowProgressiveJump
Boolean UseAlternateWeaponVisual
Boolean IsHighlighted
Real EnergyLevel
Vec3 ForceColor
Ident ForceModelId
Boolean HasShield
Real ThrowSpeed
const Integer CurrentClan
const Integer IdleDuration
const Vec3 Position
const Real AimYaw
const Real AimPitch
const Vec3 AimDirection
const Boolean IsUnderground
const Boolean IsTouchingGround
const Boolean IsInAir
const Boolean IsOnTechGround
const Boolean IsOnTechLaser
const Boolean IsOnTechArrow
const Boolean IsOnTechArmor
const Boolean IsOnTechSafeZone
const Boolean IsOnTech
const Boolean IsOnTechNoWeapon
const Boolean IsInWater
const Vec3 Velocity
const Real Speed
const Boolean IsInOffZone
const Boolean IsCapturing
const CSmMapLandmark CapturedLandmark
const CSmObject[] Objects
const Boolean IsFakePlayer
const Boolean IsBot
const CSmPlayerDriver Driver
- Public Attributes inherited from CPlayer
const CUser User
const Text Login
const Text Name
const Integer RequestedClan
const Boolean RequestsSpectate
- Public Attributes inherited from CNod
const Ident Id

Detailed Description

Supported declare modes : Local NetworkRead NetworkWrite A Shootmania player.

Member Enumeration Documentation


Member Data Documentation

const Vec3 CSmPlayer::AimDirection
const Real CSmPlayer::AimPitch
const Real CSmPlayer::AimYaw
Boolean CSmPlayer::AllowProgressiveJump
Boolean CSmPlayer::AllowWallJump
Real CSmPlayer::AmmoGain

Values in range (0.000000-10.000000)

Real CSmPlayer::AmmoPower

Values in range (0.100000-10.000000)

Integer CSmPlayer::Armor
Integer CSmPlayer::ArmorGain
Integer CSmPlayer::ArmorMax
Real CSmPlayer::ArmorPower

Values in range (0.100000-10.000000)

Integer CSmPlayer::ArmorReplenishGain
const Boolean CSmPlayer::AutoSwitchWeapon
const CSmMapLandmark CSmPlayer::CapturedLandmark
const Integer CSmPlayer::CurAmmo
const Integer CSmPlayer::CurAmmoMax
const Integer CSmPlayer::CurAmmoUnit
const Integer CSmPlayer::CurrentClan
const Integer CSmPlayer::CurWeapon
const CSmPlayerDriver CSmPlayer::Driver
Integer CSmPlayer::EndTime
Real CSmPlayer::EnergyLevel

Values in range (0.000000-1.000000)

Vec3 CSmPlayer::ForceColor
Ident CSmPlayer::ForceModelId
Boolean CSmPlayer::HasShield
const Integer CSmPlayer::IdleDuration
const Boolean CSmPlayer::IsBot
const Boolean CSmPlayer::IsCapturing
const Boolean CSmPlayer::IsFakePlayer
Boolean CSmPlayer::IsHighlighted
const Boolean CSmPlayer::IsInAir
const Boolean CSmPlayer::IsInOffZone
const Boolean CSmPlayer::IsInWater
const Boolean CSmPlayer::IsOnTech
const Boolean CSmPlayer::IsOnTechArmor
const Boolean CSmPlayer::IsOnTechArrow
const Boolean CSmPlayer::IsOnTechGround
const Boolean CSmPlayer::IsOnTechLaser
const Boolean CSmPlayer::IsOnTechNoWeapon
const Boolean CSmPlayer::IsOnTechSafeZone
const Boolean CSmPlayer::IsTouchingGround
const Boolean CSmPlayer::IsUnderground
Real CSmPlayer::JumpPower

Values in range (0.100000-1.000000)

const CSmObject [] CSmPlayer::Objects
const Vec3 CSmPlayer::Position
const CSmScore CSmPlayer::Score
const ESpawnStatus CSmPlayer::SpawnStatus
const Real CSmPlayer::Speed
Real CSmPlayer::SpeedPower

Values in range (0.100000-1.000000)

Integer CSmPlayer::Stamina
Real CSmPlayer::StaminaGain

Values in range (0.000000-1.000000)

Real CSmPlayer::StaminaMax

Values in range (0.100000-3.000000)

Real CSmPlayer::StaminaPower

Values in range (0.100000-1.000000)

const Integer CSmPlayer::StartTime
Real CSmPlayer::ThrowSpeed

Values in range (0.000000-500.000000)

Boolean CSmPlayer::UseAlternateWeaponVisual
const Vec3 CSmPlayer::Velocity

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