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CTmMlPlayer Struct Reference

#include <big.h>

Inheritance diagram for CTmMlPlayer:
CPlayer CNod

Public Types

enum  ERaceState { BeforeStart, Running, Finished, Eliminated }

Public Attributes

const ERaceState RaceState
const Boolean IsSpawned
CTrackManiaScore Score
const Integer RaceStartTime
const Integer LapStartTime
CTmResult CurRace
CTmResult CurLap
const Integer CurrentNbLaps
const Integer CurTriggerIndex
const Integer CurCheckpointRaceTime
const Integer CurCheckpointLapTime
const Vec3 Position
const Real AimYaw
const Real AimPitch
const Vec3 AimDirection
const Real Distance
const Real Speed
const Integer DisplaySpeed
const Real AccelCoef
const Real ControlCoef
- Public Attributes inherited from CPlayer
const CUser User
const Text Login
const Text Name
const Integer RequestedClan
const Boolean RequestsSpectate
- Public Attributes inherited from CNod
const Ident Id

Detailed Description

Supported declare modes : Local NetworkRead NetworkWrite

Member Enumeration Documentation


Member Data Documentation

const Real CTmMlPlayer::AccelCoef
const Vec3 CTmMlPlayer::AimDirection
const Real CTmMlPlayer::AimPitch
const Real CTmMlPlayer::AimYaw
const Real CTmMlPlayer::ControlCoef
const Integer CTmMlPlayer::CurCheckpointLapTime
const Integer CTmMlPlayer::CurCheckpointRaceTime
CTmResult CTmMlPlayer::CurLap
CTmResult CTmMlPlayer::CurRace
const Integer CTmMlPlayer::CurrentNbLaps
const Integer CTmMlPlayer::CurTriggerIndex
const Integer CTmMlPlayer::DisplaySpeed
const Real CTmMlPlayer::Distance
const Boolean CTmMlPlayer::IsSpawned
const Integer CTmMlPlayer::LapStartTime
const Vec3 CTmMlPlayer::Position
const Integer CTmMlPlayer::RaceStartTime
const ERaceState CTmMlPlayer::RaceState
CTrackManiaScore CTmMlPlayer::Score
const Real CTmMlPlayer::Speed

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